Who are we

Dr. Guillermo Navarro. Argentina

Group Director Airway Training Latin America (EVALa)

“Training in Airway Management Latin America” (EVALa) is the most extensive and important International teaching, research and training organization in Latin America. It began its activities during the 2011 CLASA Panama congress. It was formed by a group of professors from different countries in Latin America and institutionally it comes within the Difficult Airway Chapter of the Latin American Confederation of Societies of Anaesthesiology (CLASA). EVALa’s primary objective is the transmission of training knowledge and updating topics related to airway management under different scenarios.

It offers acquisition of skills in high fidelity simulations on mannequins, talks based on academic formats: clinical cases, round tables, plenary lectures, and interactive activities, among others. The contents of EVALa courses are based on information from various sources: 1. on available scientific evidence, 2. on expert opinion, 3. on the experience of professors teaching each course, and the interactive inputs of fellow participants.
The course lasts three days and is taught by 8 to 20 national and international teachers depending on the logistics and availability of each organizing country.
The following societies subscribe to EVALa course dictations: Argentina (Asociación Rosarina de Anestesia Analgesia y Reanimación, ARA), Chile (Sociedad de Anestesia Chile, SACH), Colombia (Sociedad Colombiana de Anestesia y Reanimación, SCARE), Ecuador (Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Anestesia, SEA), Guatemala (Sociedad Guatemalteca de Anestesia, AGA) Mexico (Federación Mexicana de Colegios de Anestesia, FMCA), Nicaragua (Asociación Nicaragüense de Anestesia y Reanimación, ANARE) , Panama (Sociedad Panameña de Anestesia, SPARA), Paraguay (Sociedad Paraguaya de Anestesia, SPA), Peru (Sociedad Peruana de Anestesia y Analgesia, SPAAR), Uruguay (Sociedad de Anestesiología del Uruguay, SAU).

The development plan foresees 6 or 7 EVALa onsite courses distributed geographically in a strategic way, meaning 1,000 anaesthesiologists in the region can attend per year.
We expect the incorporation of more Societies in the region in the future so that we can widen the teaching being developed.


Dr Guillermo Navarro. Argentina
Group Director Airway Training Latin America (EVALa)